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Our range of sparkling wines includes three distinctive wines. The collection consists of Omar Khayyam, Marquise de pompadour and Ivy brut. These three sparkling gems offer a delightful experience, whether it's the poetic charm of Omar Khayyam, the allure of Marquise de Pompadour, or the


The Tiger hill series is a collection of six special offerings each with a unique experience. The collection consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot shiraz, Sauvignon blanc and Shiraz wines. The range is truly versatile in its nature, from the bold and robust Cabernet sauvignon which gives


The Chantilli range is a versatile range of six distinctive wines. Each of these wines from this collection are crafted to give a different flavorful experience. The versatility of the wines can be experienced from the complex and structured Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to the refreshing Chenin Blanc,


The Riviera series offers both red and white wines. The Rivera red is based with shiraz grape which has black pepper and plum fruit aromas, whereas the Riviera white is based on Chenin blanc with aromas that remind you of fresh fruit with hints of green apple, citrus and passion fruit.

Mist of

Proud of its origin, the Mist of Sahyadri is a collection of three wines that provide unique flavour profiles. The Sahyadri valley is known for its rich nature and lush biodiversity. This collection truly captures this essence of the valley making it superb for pairing with a range of uniquely Indian dishes,


The dessert series is a set of two wines which possess unique flavour profiles to cater to a variety of different preferences as well as tastes. Dessert Shiraz is known best for its bold and robust profile while Dessert Zinfandel is known to offer an aromatic, lighter and fruitier experience.


Vin ballet is Chateau Indage’s most exciting and vibrant range of wines. A collection of five unique wines with a variety of flavours. Each of these wines pack a delightful experience, capturing the juicy essence of a range of fruits like Apples, Apricots, strawberries and mangoes. Whether you


The two wines, Ruby and Tawny make the Figueira collection. Both provide their characteristic flavour profiles. Ruby wine delights with its intense red berry fruit aroma and pleasing sweetness, while Tawny wine entices with fresh tropical fruit aromas and a balanced sweetness-acidity


Vino vibrant wine in nature that reveals a delightful array of tropical fruit aromas. A great choice for a gathering or a fun time with friends and family. If you love wine which is bubbly with refreshing notes of fresh lime as well as green apples,