The dessert series is a set of two wines which possess unique flavour profiles to cater to a variety of different preferences as well as tastes. Dessert Shiraz is known best for its bold and robust profile while Dessert Zinfandel is known to offer an aromatic, lighter and fruitier experience.

Whether you are someone whose preference lies in the intense and full-bodied nature of Shiraz or the delicate sweetness of Zinfandel, both of these make the Dessert collection a delight. Both perfectly complement spicy Indian dishes and can also be enjoyed with any dessert of your preference.

Harvest : Selective Matured Grapes are handpicked and transported to the winery mostly during nights and crushed early in the morning while grapes are still cold.
Type of Soil : Sandy, loamy fertile soil, rich in organic matter.
Bottle : Hock Bottle
Size : 750 ml