Vin ballet is Chateau Indage’s most exciting and vibrant range of wines. A collection of five unique wines with a variety of flavours. Each of these wines pack a delightful experience, capturing the juicy essence of a range of fruits like Apples, Apricots, strawberries and mangoes. Whether you are someone who prefers the crispness of apple, the sweetness of apricot and strawberry, or the tropical flavours of mango, these wines offer an enjoyable taste that can be savoured on various occasions. These set of five pleasant yet refreshing wines are a delight when paired with a host of cuisines from all over the world.

Harvest : Selective Matured Grapes are handpicked and transported to the winery mostly during nights and crushed early in the morning while grapes are still cold.
Type of Soil : Sandy, loamy fertile soil, rich in organic matter.
Bottle : Hock Bottle
Size : 750 ml

Vin Ballet

Vin Ballet

Vin Ballet

Vin Ballet

Vin Ballet