The Riviera series offers both red and white wines. The Rivera red is based with shiraz grape which has black pepper and plum fruit aromas, whereas the Riviera white is based on Chenin blanc with aromas that remind you of fresh fruit with hints of green apple, citrus and passion fruit.

Riviera makes for a perfect pairing with a range of Indian as well as International food cuisines. Both Riviera red and white deliver a pleasant experience which can be enjoyed best with a number of Indian classic spiced dishes as well as Italian Cheeses, pastas and salads.

Harvest : Selective Matured Grapes are handpicked and transported to the winery mostly during nights and crushed early in the morning while grapes are still cold.
Type of Soil : Sandy, loamy fertile soil, rich in organic matter.
Bottle : Green Bordo Bottle
Size : 750 ml