Pale Yellow hued wine with tropical fruit aromas on nose, Wine is bubbly with crisp acidity on palate with fresh lime and green apple notes on palate. Perfectly balanced between sugar, acidity and alcohol makes it perfect drink to be enjoyed with friends.

Gastronomy :
Drinks well on any occasions and pairs well with any kind of dessert, paneer chilli and Reshmi kebabs.

Technical Information :
Alcohol degree : 12.4 %
Sugar : 20 gms/litre
Acidity : 5.0 gms/litre
Brix during Harvest : 20
Carbonation : Yes
Producer : Oniv Beverages Pvt Limited
Name : Vino Sparkling
Vintage : NV
Type of wine : Sparkling, Brut
Varietal : Chenin Blanc and Indegenous white grapes
Origin : Sahyadri Valley