White Zinfandel

Chantilli White Zinfandel has bright pink hue with berry fruit aromas on nose. Wine has crisp acidity with complex aromas blended with berry fruits, perfectly balanced with sugar, acidity and alcohol makes it a perfect refreshing drink to be enjoyed at any occasion.

Gastronomy :
Murgha Malai Kebab, Vegetable Biryanis, chicken & cheese roll.

Technical Information :
Alcohol degree : 12.25%
Sugar : 15 gms/litre
Acidity : 4.21 gms/litre
Brix during Harvest : 22

Fermentation :
In stainless steel tanks with controlled temperature from 15 to 18 degree Celsius for 12-15 days and aging on lees in tanks.

Producer : Oniv Beverages Pvt Limited
Name : Chantilli White Zinfandel
Type of wine : Rosè Wine
Varietal : Zinfandel
Origin : Sahayadri Valley